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Benjamin Woodier

Designer & Developer

  • Degree in Media Production, specialising in Digital Media.

  • a e s t h e t i c

  • Can make websites.


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What's this?


My name's Ben. I'm a digital content creator. I started with VFX and film production. Now I make websites. My aim is to use insight and experience in order to help professionals and businesses build better online spaces.


By understanding your business, then improving your online appearance and accessibility, I create a better platform for you and your clients. 

How do?


After an initial assessment and consultation, I use a range of digital content and web design programs, plus analytical tools, to produce or update a website. It's all specific to your requirements.

Why's that?


This endeavour began because I realised that I could help professionals and businesses save money.

Today, web design agencies and other developers generally charge excessive amounts for their "bespoke" services.  Owning and maintaining a website for your business is important. That doesn't mean the price should be outrageous. 

Where now?


I'm based in and around Norwich, Norfolk, UK.


My best works are generally done locally, where I can have a better working-relationship with clients. But exceptions can be made for the right projects.



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